Lobo, Lobo

Let the soul bleed


Might send this up the Panama Canal, then the Port of Miami

Then vice-versa, New York

You know, they can't stand me

I'm a hustler babyy

Adamant soul, now check it

Now check it check it, I said

QWEEZii QWEEZii QWEEZii yeah he rap on roids

QWEEZii QWEEZii QWEEZii aww yeah, tha' a boy

QWEEZii QWEEZii QWEEZii yeah he fuxken beast

But not a Beastboy, now peep it uh boy

QWEEZii QWEEZii QWEEZii tha's the fuxken man

That's the martian, and the president

Qweezii huh, heaven scent

You smell me, you smell me

Uh yeah I sayz

QWEEZii QWEEZii QWEEZii fuxk cou' u tell me

QWEEZii QWEEZii QWEEZ I know that's hell b-

E-n- and a t

See him, you cannot G

I'm ridin' ride or die

And I'm Robin that that .45

Agh, agh agh agh yo I got ....

Qweezii this, QWEEZii that

But you'll never hear: "QWEEZii can't rap b**h" its Lobo

'You take the tears, now paint the art'

Jail bars n***a, word yo

Might send this down to Memphis Graceland

QWEEZii it's tha' Monster