quo vadis pl

With every single blinkin'

With every thought I'm thinkin'

With every toil I'm coming through

I feel I can get higher

By power of desire

Which I can only owe to you

With every pa**ing hour

By unstopable fire

Which purifies my nasty soul

I feel I am immortal

I feel I'll never fall down

If you will let me stay by you

You... make me stronger

Make me colder

Deep inside

You... make me filthy

Make me quilty

Make me blind

I'm hypnotized

By charm of your eyes

But I've found the lies

Hidden beetwen the lines

We need to stop

We have to live on

By morning resurection

With superior direction

Avoid your chilly empty eyes

I'm like the faded colour

I'm like the wilted flower

But I know I am happy now