monster freestyle

5am why is these smokers still Callin

n***as tried to take me out the game Im still Ballin

2500 for a verse is what im chargin

Next month its gonn be a dime no Bargin I been

Dickin down ya b**h from the rear

I been plottin on ya b**h all year

Circle small cuz you n***as all squares

12 for the sweatsuit n***a this my ball gear

I put my b**hes on Uber

I put my n***as on p**y

Im tryna build a empire my b**h badder than Cookie

I mean hot as Taraji that p**y wet as Dasani

Sellin percs in the lobby I been exchanging Armani

I send the money to Jails my n***a buy you some suits

My n***a just came home Im bouta buy him some boots

Im bouta do it real big n***a gimme the loot

E and Reds Wit Truck Im bouta get me a coupe

On the Road to Riches goin to Jail was my worst route

Tell ya b**h we still got the sour and them percs out

Pocket full of blue faces make me pull the smurfs out

Just hit the gym on you b**hes and that workout

Rappers washed up bubble bath get a tub for em

n***as wanna live my lifestyle Young Thug on Em

k**in these n***as Life support pull the plug on em

I ain't really where i wanna be but I buzzed on Em

17 I was on the Greyhound

My oldhead really flew them birds in from A-Town

I came up Cuz I stayed down

I made 20 thousand dollars in a playground

Pill flippa, cake gaina

I serve n***as, curve b**hes like waist trainas

I put my Lawyer on his Feet