[Rhythm & Flow feat. Quick]


We are marching to a better life

Where our sorrows are taken away

We are marching to better life

Where our sorrows are taken away


Good people

Calling out to all my good people in the south side of the continent


A plea to South Africa

Welcome in your home as my home is no more a home but a hole

Living in a restricted zone


Living in the side-line or was it the backline?

Where our future's taken away

That comes close to my day

Bullets coming astray

No playgrounds for children to play

No one cares what you say

Oh God!

Can somebody, anybody hear my cry

See no beautiful sunshine with people's body decaying

Nothing close to okay

Freedom fading away

Sick of starvation so migration is my only way

The burning sun has burned their souls away

There's no rain

But still hoping for a good place to stay

That's why we're marching to a better life

Where our sorrows are taken away, taken away






And starvation

It's a painful situation

They're taking over our nation

I can't take it anymore

I'm tired of this war

They're decreasing population and taking over our nation

Here and now

Ngiyasithatha isinqumo sokufunela umndeni wami impilo encono

(Translation: I make the decision to look for a better life for my family)

We're marching on to a better life

Leaving our sorrows in the past



These tears I cry are beyond my

My belief

I've been dragged before

I've been hurt before

No worries I am leaving all my troubles away

Maybe if I try

Maybe if I die

Maybe if I cry

Life will be so kind

They told me I should leave

I kneel down on my knees

Begging them ‘Please'

To leave me in peace