quest 47

[HOOK - Njay FVR x2]

Finesse on these hoes

Yeah prolly gonna work out and show

Next thing these n***as be tripping the flow

Me and my n***as we counting the dough

[VERSE 1 - Quest_47]

I said I'm high on wisdom

But the chains I rock got me pretty low on freedom

Raybands on Mandela bands

Still gotta pay off some so called friends

Some fans who wanna be paid for downloading

I'll be selling my menifesto of manifestations with conscious lyrics

I made a deal with the devil only lord knows

Im a deviant and world knows

I might kick it with my old flows

I called my aunt Ella all the way from Alabama

She talking about how she wanna move to Atlanta

Might break your neck with the kicks I got

Might finesse on the hoes with the flows I rock

Something ain't right I can feel it

I got 4 people around me shouting public justice

I don't wanna be a Public Enemy

So I join in

Im a n***a With an Attitude

And this trippy sh** got me feelin like a Fugee

Runnin round town in circles in my Camino

I got purple juice but i sip it like capuccino

Missile tobes from Uncle Sam

Missing the flight wasn't part of the plan

The internet f**ed up most of us

Now streetwise n***as believe d** bring out the best of them

But I prefer my fish without the oil

[HOOK - x2]

[VERSE - BeeEnzo]

Trap n***a for life

But I ain't gone be trapped

In here for too long

I'm on the come up

Elevating through these levels

Finna go way up

Hit the jet now I'm way up

Who do it better than us

I can f** around and drop a couple flops

But I'll always end up back at the top

Dashing my drinks but I don't see the speed on the dashboard going down

Life is so short

So I swish up to that dirty sprite

But I'm still bolting through the game call me Usain

Didn't give them a trailer so they never saw us coming

Now ain't that scary

I'm a skinny n***a so i'm always in costume for Halloween

So I guess this is why these rappers scared of me

Ain't no "I" in team

Which is why I do it for myself

Cause nobody do it better than me

I'm a selfish n***a

I came into this world alone and Ima leave alone But when I enter the club I never leave alone


He never leaves alone huh ?

He never leaves alone huh ?

Let's get it

Let's get it

Let's get it

Uh huh

Uh huh

We go way up

We go way up

We go way up

We go way up

[HOOK - x2]

[VERSE - Njay FVR]

The flow might be getting malicious

These hoes they be riding so vicious

Umjita ufuna ukundiqhekeza intliziyo

Success so sweet it's delicious

My life is just full of magics

Did all the four I'm fantastic

Finesse her out of her panties

A n***a is finally smashing

Kicks like I'm Percy Montgomery

Homies back then they all followed me

I did this to prove that I can

Haters and fans they all part of me

Called up my dawgs on this beat

Leaving no hope for these hoes

BeeEnzo be slaying these G's

My n***a Quest with em flows

You managed to wake up the beast

Putting your rep on the line bra

I don't want you fainting and sh**

Be careful of what you are saying bra

Next time you pick up a fight

Try not to hide on your dildo

Scaring hoes off with your zombie hands

This type of sh** that we chill with

I'm up for the things that be making bandz

Andina xesha lentwana ezi creepy

We up on the come up for real

Sweep hate aside with the broomstick

Smoke a blunt, laugh all the bullsh**

Call up Smiff n Wessun on that full flip

Shoutout all my bloods on that good sh**