quentin tarantino
scene 18 bone shack attack

From the “missing reel” screen we cut instantly to the outside of JT's Bone Shack. It is completely on fire. The music is very loud. We see multiple zombies approaching the restaurant from the outside. The camera cuts to the inside with Wray and Tulo dragging Sheriff Hague in through the front door.

Hague: (holding a bleeding wound on his neck)

I figured one of them new deputies might end up shootin' me, but not you Tolo!


Sorry. I'm sorry.




You're gonna be alright. McGraw's here and a whole bunch of others.

Texas Ranger Earl McGraw is walking through the door with Dakota and Tony and a few others.

Earl: (shouting outside)

Come on! Inside! Move your a**!

The go-go club owner, Skip is seen being tended to by the two Twins. Earl and a black woman bar the front door. Cherry rolls her eyes at Skip, who is clearly over-dramatizing his situation for the attention of the two young girls.

Dakota: (still holding Tony)

What did I tell you, Tony? Don't point the gun at yourself. Didn't I tell you that?

Hague: (as Wray wraps his neck wound up with a bandage)

Thank you for telling me about… You know.


Don't mention it… That's an order.


If I had known that you were… El Wray, I wouldn't have given you such a hard time.


I didn't mean to be a prick about it. Need-to-know basis, that kind of sh**.

Hague: (handing Wray his own pistol)

Take this. Do what you do best.

Tolo: (grabbing the gun out of Wray's hand)

No, you're not! Don't give him the gun. Not--


Give him the gun, Tolo. Give him that gun. Give him all the guns.

Wray snatches the gun back out of Tolo's hands and opens the chamber to check if its loaded. Cherry brings him another gun. Wray then spins the two like a gunslinger.


Holy sh**.

Still spinning the guns.


That boy's got the devil in him.


Gotta fight them off! Get to our vehicles. Everyone behind me.

Just as they're all exiting, a zombie crashes through the doorway and attacks Tolo. Before we know it, he's being ripped apart by several zombies. Wray turns and quickly fires, hitting all four zombies in the head.


Outside now!

The gang all stand in front of the building, opening fire on the sea of zombies outside. They fend off a majority of them, as they are all shot dead or retreating. Wray sees more coming in the distance and yells at everyone to “get back inside.”


You, Skip, front and center. (Skip steps forward) You go out front, start up the k** Dozer. (Hands Skip the keys) We'll need it to transport the other survivors.


You f**in' crazy? I'm not goin' out there.

Wray: (loading a gun)

I'll cover you.


I'm not goin'.


I never miss.

Cherry: (steps forward grabbing the keys from out of Skip's hand)

Come on Skip, it's go-go… Not cry-cry.

Wray: (as Cherry walks outside)