quentin tarantino
scene 1 its go go not cry cry

The credits featured our soon to be introduced leading lady, Cherry Darling, as a go-go dancer, on stage. At the end of her performance (and the credits) she began weeping. The scene opens with the club owner walking through the backstage area.


Real pretty tonight, Holly.

(Two dancers kissing)

Goddamnit girls, if you're gonna do that sh**, do it on stage!

Smokin' hot, whew!

Cherry, darlin'... I told you too many f**in' times, you can't be up there cryin' and all that sh**. You know what a go-go dance is?


Useless talent number 12?


No, it's a happy dance. You get up there and you dance happy. It's go-go, not cry-cry.

Cherry: (packing up)

I'm quitting.

Skip: (counting money)

You say that at least one night a week.


I mean it this time. I need a dramatic change in my life.


I've always said you're funny. Like that Chris Rock, only prettier. But if you don't stop all that cryin' and sh**, I'm gonna have to fire your f**in' a**, and I don't wanna fire your a** ‘cause I like lookin' at your a**.

Cherry reads a handwritten memo taped to the wall, it reads:

“Any girl leaving early must check out with their finger & have a bye bye slip!!! Thanks, management.”


Here's my finger (gives middle finger)

And here's my bye bye slip (takes money out of Skip's hands)

Cherry exits the club (Skip's Go Go Go)

Two men walking in:

We're gonna need some cash.

Cherry is now walking in the dark down a wet paved road, She hears growling and looks behind her to see a truck coming her direction, it doesn't get out of the way and she stumbles backwards into some garbage.


Dick. f**!


Several trucks drive by loaded with men in military uniforms as she's lying in trash on the side of the road. Several of the men wearing some type of breathing mask.


Ass bag! (horn honks)