quentin miller
send me nudes uk remix

[Verse 1: Moody Moodz]

Papi papi send me nudes

Papi papi send me nudes

I don't want these other dudes

I only get

I don't send

Don't want no picture if it's bent

I only get

I don't send

Don't want you in my back end

Just a pic

Just a pic

I want a pic if it's thick

If it's long

If it's strong

Don't matter if you live in Hong Kong

[Verse 2: Meritorious J.Y.G.]

f** here comes Onikallah

Slayin n***as just like Paula

Album dropping October 27th

This sh** is going to make me a legend

Send me a picture of your genitalia

'Cause that dick came from Somalia

Send Hannah a pic of your balls

f**, I'm better than Biggie Smalls

The name is Meritorious J.Y.G

Don't have s** you'll get hepatitis B

Just ask your daddy for a pic

And make love to your own lil' swagger stick

[Verse 3: Hannah Minaj]

You always show up in the DMs on the DL

I saw you favoriting my selfies on the TL

Surely you are wanting something

Yeah, me as well

You can hit me up on snapchat 'cause we don't really dwell

I can't promise I won't leak it

No filter

No tweak it

Get your pubes on fleek it

No hide and go seek sh**

I'm not asking for perfection

I'll give you all my affection

This is not a rare selection

No need to go get injections

No, I'm not Joan Rivers

Was that too soon?

I just want some dick pics on this fine afternoon

I got

Pics to tweet and

People to see

But right now what you should be worried about is nudes to me


[Verse 4: Pinkprint Cunt]

It's me, Jordy and Hannah

Let me ride your banana

When I jump on your dick

You're gonna cum real quick

Daddy send me nudes


Daddy send me nudes


Send me nudes right now

On that J.Law sh**

But I promise if it ain't nasty I ain't leaking it

Daddy I know you love this fatty

But I ain't sending these for free

So come on, send over money

'Cause, dang, you're my sugar daddy

[Verse 5: whpdy]

Yeah b**h, I'm here for the remix

Just make sure you send me nudes and you'll get the dick

Like my homie Wayne said "I'm sending no naked pics

If I can't get naked wit'"

This b**h who's all in my Tinder account

Girls want me yeah a ridiculous amount

The Stans told me just go for 16 bars

But why should I not convince these clowns

That whpdy got what they really looking for

Yeah my flows gotta win a couple those awards

Yeah my bars gotta wet a couple those drawers

b**h what I gotta keep convincing you for

Just take it all off and we won't have to pause

Yeah, we won't have to pause, rewind b**h then we can move forward

Don't stop until you hit the right spot

I don't wanna turn you off

b**h I gotta turn you on

You can't control how long I go man, that sh**s just outgrown

Shoot it out and finish then I gotta respawn

I go Call of Duty with just how much I pay for these hoes

I don't wanna wake up and have you with me though

Let me make you cum twice and my dick you can blow

Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah

How many lines about dicks and flow

How many times like Chris, Big & DJ

I don't ever get compared to no DJ

Another one for them to vibe with, but I ain't DJ

So please don't mistake my lines for amateur prices

Please just tote nines and take my advice, son

I'm a father to all those mommas who ain't got no man

Or maybe they do, I can't even remember when I am

Getting so many naked pics from so many naked chicks

That homie theres no gla** anymore just bricks

Though my rhyme scheme is sorta complex though

My rhyme scheme would cut a b**hes neck though

Her tight jeans got me in a sweat yo

This beat is what's making me vexed hoe

So keep on spitting on this sh** while I come thru

And welcome to the UK, the remix, send nudes

[Outro: Britney Spears]

It's Britney b**h

Pubes on fleek

Nude game weak

Dick mystique