quelle chris
night school

[Intro: Jonwayne]

Yeah, Jonwayne, Scoop DeVille, Quelle, Jeremiah Jae, Azizi Gibson

You know, we're not necessarily on that Pitchfork speedial, but we don't give a f**

We on that real sh**, and I believe my friends are real talented, so I'm gonna have them showcase that talent right now

I'm gonna provide the backbeat, and let them do their thing. Let's go


My n***a life goes on, (That's why) We don't want no f**ing sad songs

So shut the f** up, get lit, and go hard

f** a few broads, get rich, and drive cars

Pray to this lord I live and eat good

Man I mean so f**ing good, I'm talking that lobster, shrimp and steak boy

Momma I'm a man, I'm not you're little boy

f** these n***as that got me annoyed

[Verse 1: Quelle]

Uhhh, I dive skies and jump bungies

Write monkeys, zoo animals, it sounds chunky, right?

White rice, Kentucky bourbon over ice

I get right, lay swishers with light

Get caught in a corner might have to switch up your life

You might have to switch up the left and hit with the right

Head-body, head-body, hair, have to lace up the Nikes, it's tight

Cut that circulation off to the calves

Once you loosen up, you might just lose up on some math

Study up, buddy up, get a partner

A tutor, a Buddha to show you clear ways through the water

I slaughter. Goliath told David he's a goner

But we all know how that story ends

f** that b**h called life and the glory ends

We're the writers of the story and historians

In and out like accordions and hamburgers

Sound murder, keeping knitted tight like cardigans

? Why yal n***as trying to buy the end

Sound murder, keeping knitted tight like cardigans


[Verse 2: Jae]

Your life moving on that real bad

Spilled milk, for what though? Clutch flow, fans on the edge of they seat…

And he shoots the three. Misses the target, hits the innocent meat

Market flooded his stocks, trying to get your business up

But instead he got beef target. Darths a light, armed robber, you flee market

Fleas cover your jeans, he rocked dirty jeans, she still like it

Told her some things that she may never even pardon,.

Her homie on that milk carton starving

MILF on her wild life, chasing I guess her life hard, brah

Star-struck, like that comet came down

Turn all the lights down, we have cat ? rants

Turn your head 360 degrees, just so that you feel the breeze

You'd be surprised how many lies on the screen


[Verse 3: Quelle]

Jonny what it is, I'm fresh about the show biz

I called it like I saw it from the future like a wiz

Of Oz. Jabber jaws on my dick like you ain't know this

Retard, I went far from a kid who didn't know sh**

But now I've got the dope piss, when they focus

Look, I was high when I wrote this, you sure you wanna record this?

Roll up, I got something on it

Sprinkled with jingles from Chris Cringle, we play with these tectonics

Shaking move the whole planet, know we got it like that

Hedgehog in the game, super-sonic like that

In the streets like you claim, but you ain't mobbing like that

I got heat, take aim and put your top back, back


[Verse 4: Jonwayne]

Consider me perplexed, catching rappers' rhymes in the nerf net

Start a revolution, let my buddies get the bird set

Let the rappers here the revolution. Bud, get the Percocet

I rap like h**n, and it's threatening

These people wanna keep it ignorant like its your medicine

Leave ya f**ing numb until your mouth can't taste the messages

Leave your population for dead, there is no genesis

Except for the one you read in the book, that sh**'s irrelevant

Talk about the lessons, but no mention of the elephant

Living in the circus but no mention of the elephant

The kettle gets whatever, it's the pot that gets the specialist

Jeremiah, Quelle, and Scoop and see, we're the menace kid

We're the menace kid