quelle chris
good days

[Verse 1: Quelle Chris]

What another f**ing beautiful day

(Yeah, what's up Q, man?)

Same old sh**, what can I say?

My lady laughed, cuz my sh** was an error type

Plus I couldn't put down that goddamn get right

Chasing money like greyhounds chase bunnies

I'm always laughin', but it's probably cuz I feel funny

Sometimes I think that I took the wrong mission

Tryin' to create a stable life for a family that's long missin'

But maybe Satan's tryin' to change my position

And catch me flinchin', that's the oldest dish in the kitchen

But what can a man save as a slave?

Celebrate a pen and grave like [?] threw the rage

And the cage, smoke rage and sip age on the sun raise, In LA where I stay

It seems tomorrows gon' be the same

What can a n***a say?, today was a good day

[Verse 2: Cavalier]

I woke up to my pops coughing blood

On top of that, I ain't sleep in about a month

My routine Rembrandt on looped keys that's spooky

Tryin' not to be the Mookie in my own movie

Truthfully I'm like "is that what I look foward to when you grow old?"

"Is that what my future hold?" I pack another bowl

Like there's kids in Africa who'd love to get high right now

It's a high horse to ride that give time for me to write down

Thinking too much like drinking through ulcers

You tapping to the rhythm I'm fingering for the pulse

But the fumes like it's dead

The news bad weather, told Q we get through and make the blues more better

We crack Denzel grins, let the pens spill, let it quell these

Melanin tails spin that wheel until the brew is empty

Jolly faces over water melancholy plates

What can I say? I guess today was a good day

[Verse 3: Denmark Vessey]

Stay stressing like James off Good Times

Mad like, like [?]

In the 90's