All black like I'm smokey all these n***as wanna know me f**ed on shorty face I damn near did the Hokey-Pokey

Suffocate that n***a like he in a f**ing chokey

With my eaters in that sh** I tell they a** I was A jokey

I'm going f**ing crazy and they hate to admit it

And I pray for forgiveness

Cause I already know my last time sinning ain't finished

That queen sh** is real b**h I'm winning

Don't give no f** bout no b**h I need riches

Me and my b**hes we take sh** and split it

See me in person go ape sh** I'm with it

b**h try to diss me my reply is sit acidic

b**h try to diss me my reply is hit it

You on my dick I ain't even know you existed

These hoes too weak they can't hold me they tripping

What did I do? these hoes hearts I am ripping

Ask a b**h is she okay

Cause dedicating sh** to me is just so gay

These hoes kids tell them go play

Trynna get a name off me b**h no way

No way b**h I go cray

I call the shots

Do what I say

Inches is slayed

Pockets is paid

Smile on your n***a call me Kool-Aid

b**h I'm too faded

I roll some dutches that look impregnated

b**hes is mad cause I been elevated

Too much commotion I ain't even made it

But I don't never give no f** b**h

You either down or you ain't so wa**up b**h?

Team f** a b**h up for some f** sh**

b**hes talking to they self on some cluck sh**

Got some weed in the remy-emy

If you a emy turn up b**h like timmy

I don't fear not a b**h literally any

b**h we eating and them hoes her knee penny