queen latifah
hit it again


I'm a rock, hit it

Hit it

I'm a rock, hit it


Well by now you know I'm insatiable

Cuz when you step to leave

I want a full repeat, yeah

It's a miracle

You were right inside my head, yeah baby

If the feeling's nice, why not do it twice?

It is not against the law, no baby

I slave all through the week

And I need my release

I work hard so when I stop

I gotta get a little satisfaction for me

1 - Hit it again

Don't care if I'm late

The world just has to wait

(Hit it again, hit it again, baby)

Hit it again

I loved it the first time

You sent chills up through my spine

(Hit it again, hit it again, baby)

(Deep emotion ain't got nothing to do with it)

And being in love ain't really got a thing to do with it

I hope you understand

But I can't worry if you don't, oh no

If I can't double up, it's like I didn't get enough

Call me greedy if you want, just do it

But it's something that will never change

I don't get no complaints

They know it when they ring my bell

That this could be a thing that could take a little while

Well, well

Repeat 1

Repeat 1

(I declare the point to be)

Once is not enough for me

(Two time lovin' makes me smile)

One time love just ain't my style

(Repeat the love and I have found)

More the second time around

It builds me up and I love to love

And if I can't hit it again

(It ain't natural)

I'm a rock, hit it


Yeah, that's right

Uh, all night, let's go, let's go

(I've been sleeping with my boss)

Nine o'clock, you got a call to make

Ten oh five, they need you at the bank

Eleven, Mr. Brown is stopping by

He's got some papers that you need to sign

Eleven Twenty, meet the boss for brunch

At one, take the office girls to lunch

Don't even act like you gon' stand 'em up

Cuz they've been waitin' for your butt for months

You've been avoiding Mr. Jones these days

He wants to talk to you about his raise

I told him you had time about three ten

We don't have time for makin' love again

Remember six fifteen, your business dinner plans

You blow them off and they won't even understand

We layed around and let the whole day pa**

You need a car to meet chu, instead of tellin' me to

Repeat 1