f** these hoes man, on my momma


I'm done with the f**ing games(4x)

I ain't f**ing with nomore ungrateful b**hes

Little petty a**, spiteful and hateful b**hes

And if it ever feel like a n***a can take yo b**h, 9 times outta 10

She prolly ain't yo b**h you digg

I'm done with the f**ing games(4x)

[Verse 1]

On my dead baby i tried to change, but i ain't with the f**ing games

I dont even f** with i can't, this ain't no f**ing charade

Dawg all of these b**hes I treat em the f**ing same

Thats a promise im making, Im taking that to my f**ing grave

My past 3 b**hes i refrain from hitting sh**

My first one was just addicted to lame n***as

Second b**h i was with was addicted to pain k**ers

And my present b**h was my side b**h, that my main tender

Break your back for a ho, she gon want you to break it some more

BITCH PLEASE, that ain't the way it go

I ain't chasing none of you hoes, I might sprain my toe

And I dont like injuries, all that love sh** a parody

I'd rather snack on some asparagus, f** it im arrogant

I dont want your heart, baby girl you can spare me.. BITCH


[Verse 2]

The b**hes with the best p**y, they be the pettiest

Ugly b**hes, s**y b**h we know who the messiest

Its the pretty hoes, broke as f** but piece of diddy though

Putting on, b**h flexing like f**

Is you sick or is you not, is you pregnant or what

How you at a pool party you just had an abortion

Something fishy going on, i think they call for extortion

n***a tricking on you, b**h i know you had an endorser

Why you want a child, b**h you couldn't take care your yorkie

Who you think you fooling with the fake celine bag

First time we f**ed, b**h I f**ed on the bean bag

And I used to f** all your friends back when we road the G-Wag

The young n***a drop, that when you threw the p**y

And i wasn't even shocked, cause i know you been looking

And just like a n***a, i said f** it and took it

As dizzy try to tell me that your forever crooked.. BITCH!