mary jane

[Hook - Nate Dogg]

One for the treble, two for the ba**

She's my beauty queen, she's my everything

When I wake up in the morning gotta get that thing

This is where I wanna be with Mary Jane (sweet Mary Jane)

Ooooooo Mary Jane

Ooooooo Mary Jane

[Warren G]

Mary Jane, you are my everything

I'm in love with you

Now I realized why Rick James f**ed with you

Since I said "I Do" I never cheated on you

Even when your sister-sis came through

I ain't trying to stress you

Cuz everytime I call, baby doll you be at my rescue

I can't sweat you

We just homie loving friends

Besides, I heard you f**ing Snoop Dogg again

[Snoop Dogg]

G-Dub, that's my b**h, how the f** she gon' love me?

I love that b**h, why the f** you gon' leave me?

I'm in the green room and I'm f**ing up the scenery

With my n***a Buddy Love blazing up some sticky burns

Yeah we go hit it 'cuz, have a seat and drink with us

Puff, puff, pa** that sh**

Smoke it all down to the ashes b**h

213 with another cla**ic hit

[Nate Dogg]

I'm in love with Mary Jane

She is my main thang

Stay away from hocus poucus

She gives me headdaches man

And when my sack gets low

Sweet Mary swings on by

Breaks me off something proper

That woman keeps me ???

That's why I'm lying

I ain't f**ing with nothing but the lime green

If you smoking 'cess then dont invite me

However if it's chronic do the right thing

I'm all she cuz ain't no maybe

We met on 21st and f**ing Lime Street

Take ya f**ing homey, where my girl be?

The only f**ing way you can excite me

Is Mary Jane


[Warren G]

I done sinned, sipped on gin with other women

But kept it respectful like a gentlemen

I spend to hit that a** or go and get the cab

So I can hit the last laugh

Tonight if it's not the bomb, then I'mma be mad

But I'm sure it won't last for long, I got a stash at home

Make love 'tween my Swisher with my half a zone

I can't leave you alone

[Snoop Dogg]

And I know that you know that I be smoking and you about to ooee

So fire it up and get high with me

And let me see if you get as high as me

Now that's what's happening

Cuz I know that you probably don't believe what you hear and you see

A n***a like the D-O-double-G-Z

So put your hands up in the air and repeat after me


[Nate Dogg] (Snoop Dogg)

Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary (213)

Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Jane

Mary Jane

Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary