russia with love


Waking up

Coffee in a cup

And a bitter pill

Swallow and erupt

Follow every meal

Sudden and abrupt

Like epiphany

Wanna share a breakfast


Tighten up your necklace


Well it never serves me

You believe

Nobody deserves me

You would know

Bearing all your curves on


Like a living Barby

Like a Vertigo

Never said I'm sorry

'til I heard her go

Running out the door like another one

Tell me when to go cause I wanna come

Everybody knows I'm ambivalent

Take me for the bone, not a bloody cent

Maybe you should find a compatible

Someone you can dine, not a radical

Told you I'm a lunatic, an animal

Angel in a cage, with a dirty face

Beauty is attached to a dirty place

Human interaction, never heard of it

Kick it to the curb, like the rest of 'em

Tiffany's a price, not a politic

Janice, you be ranking with the best of



Has a date

Lose a little weight

While you have a chance

Open to debate?

Never had a choice

Beauty's inability to have a voice

I was in rut when you came to me

Started with a strut when it came to be

Usually we cut it with the vanity

I don't like the women that can handle me!

Many women don't know what to see in me

Janice and the core blend easily

Slowly you implore, now I wanna go

What you looking for?

I don't wanna know

Giving me the wine shall I take a sip?

Coming from behind through a set of lips

Followed by your time with an elegance

Nowadays I view it with a reverence

Tiffany's enveloped in irrelevance

Sitting on a bed with her j**elry

Sorta like she's waiting for a vision but

Looking like a toy, like 'he's fooling me'

I'm a little boy and I wonder when

Tiffany'll open up and let me in

Janice is enjoying what she doesn't have

Dinner where it's safe, with a gentleman

May I draw the curtain as you take a bow

Janice when she's happy, ranking with the best

Gnawing on the curtain, dressing like a cow

I lay to rest