oscar urbina
youngsta cypha

[Micah Bournes]

Eww. This beat is so sick

You hear the static, guess your speakers couldn't handle it

But Ima' handle this

Pa** me the mic and let me spit

Woe is me if I don't preach the truth I been entrusted with

Given a stewardship of that precious holy gift

God forbid I compromise to stay politically correct

Did not the Savior say, don't be surprised when haters hate?

If they crucified our Lord what did you think would come our way?

If you represent His name of course they gonna do you the same

Rejoice in your suffering. Die with Him and you will reign

Right with Him. If you spittin' somethin' that the world ain't trippin'

On then you ain't sayin' nothin'. This is revolutionary son

Don't reduce it to some butterflies and music. If I just wanted a feeling

I'd do what the world was doing. We doing something new, something

Different, something true. 'Cause I'm through with all the lies

My appetite is for the Truth. Truth

[Oscar Urbina]

(English Translation)

Our father who is in heaven, my heart is cold as ice

But this is not a game, You gave me a new heart

You threw away the other one, Your Son is so good

Lord I was blind, I was a cla**ic idiot, because my love was deep in the world

You created the beautiful stars and the planets

You walked the earth with Your Sandals

I'm thirsty and hungry

I'm going to eat Your flesh and drink your blood

Lord Your people, will pray to You always

But the people that don't believe in You will gnash all of their teeth

In the second d**h, in Your light I'm walking, I'm not playing, Your name I'm representing

So give Him your life

I'm sleepy, I'm going to bed I'll see you tomorrow, God bless (PAPOS)

[Tyrone Andrew]

I'm in the Word tonight fam

I eat it up pacman

Put it in my heart medicine

So high, ceiling

I'm out the dirt, new man

Blood bought, money grand

Wanna stack my treasure up, leprechaun

Because He is always there, state farm

And none of them can fool we

The things of this world is fading away

And none of them can root we

The things of this world is fading away

I cannot do this on my own

Yeah I need Your love to guide me from my evil foes

Yeshua on the poster

Youngstas represent, like we supposed to young