study buddy


[Hook: Mishon]

You can be my study buddy you can be my study buddy

You can be my study buddy you can be my study buddy

After cla** shawty we can do our homework

After we done baby we can do some more work

You can be my study buddy you can be my study buddy

You can be my study buddy you can be my study buddy

Lets skip math and get straight into the chemistry

Get physical and educate me now we making history

[Verse 1: YungGutta Da Prince]

Teacher mad becuase we won't stop talking and she smiles everytime I walk in

Even when im alone you run through my mind you got my heart joggin

In gym cla** with them booty shorts, with her hair tied, her nike's on

She chillen on the bleachers while she listening to the Wife Her song

She bend over behind showing plus she's a tutor mind blowing

I like those tight jeans you know the ones with the design on it

Divide your legs subtract your clothes you know how the story goes

So holla at me in homeroom slide me one of them love notes

I can tell by your expression that you know what im saying

Time to go to work tell your mama we ain't playing

When she go to work girl you know that ima stay in

Girl you know im staying and this is what im saying


[Verse 2: Mishon]

Im a straight A student in this s** education

Call me if you need a tutor baby I'll be waiting

She be flirting and joking and I just amuse it

But when we get to the spot only thing gon' be playing is this dorm room music

Baby you stood out way more than the rest

You got cla** a professor thats what made you the best

So ladies if you ready we can go

I promise to teach you everything you need to know girl


[Verse 3: Issa]

You can be my study buddy ima teach you how to love

We ain't even gotta fuss you can teach me how to trust

Yea I know them other girls run my name through the dust

But lets not worry about them baby lets worry about us

Told you I was no good let them get they hating on

Say you wana take your time baby what you waiting on

You can be my study buddy tryna learn more about ya

Im just tryna get some of your deepest secrets out ya

I done seen the city baby I dont need a voucher

Study buddy go and tell your friends what i taught ya

We can do this everyday meet me at the school bus

Be a witness to them haters girl its just the two of us