irv da phenom
day 1 homies

[Hook: Irv Da Phenom]

I don't know what you heard

Don't know what they told ya

Please make no mistakes you dealin' with the real

Been down since day 1

Be here when when it's over

I can't f** with you if you don't keep it real

I'm only rocking with my day 1, my day 1 homies

Yeah I'm still rocking with my day 1, my day 1 homies

[Verse 1: Irv Da Phenom]

Now we go way back like Cadillacs

Stay down like four flats

You got mine I got your back

Been down to ride and you know that

We solid, yeah rocking with you cause you solid

Now I got my right hand, my partners

So glad that I gotcha

Been down since the ramen

Now it's steak and lobster

Been grinding, yeah, so if I got it then you got it


[Verse 2: Futuristic]

I'm with my day 1 homies, y'all n***as all phony

If my grandma was here she's say that y'all full of bologna

Acting like you know me, little brodee be real

We ain't hooped, we ain't f**ed hoes we ain't even chill

I'm with my n***as from the day, probably hit the J

Playing 2K sipping Bombay

Bout to hit the club and flex on a couple scrubs

Hit the bottle, pull a model with a pretty a** face

And we say No new friends, no new friends

No new friends no no new

Unless it's you with them high heeled shoes

Say you already know I say what you tryna to do

And now she's loving the crew

These little n***as all got something to prove

And if a dude acting weird in my face, in my space

I'mma treat him like a fat b**h I ain't f**ing with you

Lil n***a!


[Verse 3: Chris Webby]

I got love for my day 1 homies

Only people that really do know me

I'm an only child

But with friends like these fools I will never feel lonely

See my real peoples remember me

When I was just that kid who rapped

And sold eighth and quarter sacs

Right off of my f**ing cul-de-sac

Now I'm a big deal

But around my homies man I'm still just Christian

No yes men in my team, if I f** up they gonna tell me I'm slippin'

When my head get a little to big, they the first ones sayin' I'm trippin'

But we keep it home grown since day 1 they seen the vision

[Bridge: Chris Webby]

We've been homies since the jump

So I'll always keep them with me

And the one we lost is tatted on me

Rest in peace Nicky

We been rockin' way before all these other people knew me

And now I'm up on the stage and they're in the back f**in' my groupies

[Outro: Irv Da Phenom]

My day 1, my day 1 homies