irv da phenom
2 wings and a crown

[Verse 1: Dizzy Wright]

Just got an expensive pack (Yeahh)

Black Locs with the golden rims to match (Yeahh)

Nice style, yeah the Fresh Prince is back (yeahh)

2 wings and a crown is how I mix and match

I hits the wax, cloud surfin' on a cloud pen

Positive energy when you stands around him (yeahh)

Popular can't stand to see them n***as down him

Just a couple brown men tryna get some clean money (yeahh)

Oh this is life well it's alright I got this hotel for the night

But for the flight I be up all through the night

What it's like? it's cool

I be doing what I do for you

I'm in the street's 'til my feet hurt

Ayo Dizzy I got it if you ever need work

I'm goodie I got some sh** that I've been working on (oh snap)

Heard it all but I feel I deserve it all (I feel ya)

I ain't trying to get all caught up in the life

Caught up in some sh** that got me paying for lawyers for battles they don't wanna fight right

Keep it Dizzy right? Roll it up and lit the hippy life

Even on yo' sh**ty night (at least he got some weed)

Yeah maintaining 'til I'm stable and comfy

Middle fangaz to the labels that want me

I'm funky if you smell me tell me, we living good in the LV

[Hook: ]

I'm more then alright

Got a good vibe, everyday I'm celebrating life

Living fly got 2 Wings and a crown

(Living like a king now)

Nothing but love, got a good buzz

Want to give the whole wide world a hug

Living high like 2 wings and a crown

[Verse 2: Irv Da Phenom]

All I ever wanted to do

Was make the music people bob they head to

And get to moving they shoes

It's coming from the soul but I'm never singing the blues

Cause God is just too good to stop smiling

Used a lot of time of mine searching for the diamonds

'Til the day I looked up in the mirror and seen the brightest one shinin'

I got a welter millionaires I've never seen

You not on top of the world if you still in need of self-esteem

We hard looking for that feeling

The only place that you will ever get it

It's in that vessel you live in

You got approval before you even ask permission

Just decide that its finally time for you to get it

We kick it harder for the homies who got wings now

Life is short so I'm living like a king now

I'm on a high they can never ever bring down

On cloud 9 creating mean sounds.. ha

[Hook: ]

[Verse 3: Dizzy Wright]

(Break it down)

2 wings and a crown from holding it down

King Dizzy get them girls aroused when I'm around

Peep the visuals and I'm a keep this literal like trout

It's the physical so if you ain't capable then you wack

Remember them days in Vegas we taped it all in the house

No worries we had no vision to make it or make it out

This rap sh** was just a fantasy

I had no energy for enemies that's sympathy for family

Stone cold

If I'm lying where's my long nose

10 year old soul rapping with some corn rows

Ya'll don't know the past

I got that spoken word flow and I'm a show yo a**

Steppin' on my toes and I'm a slap you with some shoulder pads

If you ain't moving with the music you should fall back

I'm moving with the Buddha and the bra strap

Gifted because I found out my talents even existed by staying consistent

When n***as told me I wasn't all that