wheres the bud

[Verse 1 - Eric The Red]

Brothers at the door, bun the chronic Amnesia

I can't remember sh** like I suffer from dementia

I split so many teeth right here soon I'll need the denture

Who's the biggest dick I'll find out the main contender

Trust me now blood you need to shh the f** up

Savour the flavour like burning the vanilla kush up

I'll face any challenger liking this stamina

Watch you pigs rappers dress up for the f**ing camera

Sold this sh** with clarity like the lens of a Nikon

Can't f** with me Ill cause every track we're f**ing sick on

Liquid on the back of this smack down cause you're dead wrong

My deep lung hits every time over the ice bong

(???) Cause I'm always drowsy

I hate my f**ing life cause being poor is lowsy

Your eyes are looking cloudy, blinded by the cataracts

It's that drunk erratic kid swinging his battle axe


[Scratching by DJ Riseone]

[Verse 2 - Leaf Dog]

Your end like the raw tide, the fountain of knowledge fluoride

Seeing girls slide when dealt with all pride

The warped mind, scared of sunshine

Plus the bent spine, let him hear a sample one time

Then I sh** mine, make it bang like the atom

Hits coming round like a chainful reaction

Bars tight like c**aine packed in cling film

Wrapped up for this team coach captain

Looking for the reaction

You sh** yourself like a muscle relaxant

Jealousy is all it is, when you really go ask him

But with love comes hate, forgive those who take

The one with the open mind will control his fate

Yo, I play the game wise run this seven times

Waiting to attack for seven days in the digi lines

You're a b**h in disguise, following stars in your eyes

No lines for the youth like come and get 'em, it's surprise

[Scratching by DJ Riseone]