smoke lingers always


Smoke lingers always, out in my hallways, grinding for all days, For life it ain't small change , brain fried it's sauteed, f** crime and court cases

Verse 1 - Fliptrix

All im doing's working, All im doing's Grinding , alll im doing's calling, f** what the time is, now im on tour again, Piffing out the hotel, Towels by the door again, No smoking sign staring at them and ignoring them, 4 in the morn i got the draw to floor all of them, plotting like a caucasion ornament , i Orchestrate the ornate performances and raise your vibes like the choruses while your flapping like horses lips, record the awesomeness, i call the source cos the piff price extortionate, gang lords, draw your swords im ignoring it, im bored of it, all this war talk i ain't applauding it, i play to win though, with or without a tournament , Bingo, thats niabingys limmited edish , thats my lingo , But it's likely you won't really get that like an in joke, got girls legs akimbo, thats person like digits to my pin code, burglars dun tip toed to your window, then flipped over , nicked loads of sh** in your yard, you got parred that is simple makes you wanna go down the road and order 10 pints and sink those, Thats just life, thats how this sh** goes, down, f** a shrink bro, they ain't going to diagnose me with symptons , im out here like soles on the street but no plimsolls, i ain't gonna wear that sh**, thats bait like some gimp clothes, delinquents indulge in d**, pubs and bimbos , then fall through the sink hole, get flushed through the system and end up in limbo