iain archer

[Verse 1]

I wake up, check my phone

Jump in my whip, and off I go

I pay off the police to stay out of my way

I got it all sewn up

And I'm kingpin for a day

[Verse 2]

I got the blues, I got the reds

Yellowtops, and spiderlegs

You'd swear it's from heaven

But it all grows naturally

I got it all right here

And I'm kingpin for a day


When you're the kingpin

All the eyes are on your crown

When you're the kingpin

People want to take you down

When you're the kingpin

Nobody can show, nobody can show

Nobody can show you how

[Verse 3]

Don't want no trouble

But when trouble comes

I know a guy, who gets it done

He'll serve it right up to you on a rusty tray

I don't care about tomorrow

I'm kingpin for today