i trezbeats
planez remix

Girl don't be shy

Let's take a flight (You scared of heights?)

Up, up an away (Yea baby let's go)

Just you and I (Just me and you)

Just can't deny

This feels so right

Girl let's ignite

No wasting time

Been around the world (International)

Yo n***a's been around the block (International)

The more reason you should be my girl go on private trips so we don't get stalked (Do not disturb)

Girl I can foresee

You've got a bright future with me

And I bet Donald Trump would agree (And he always says no)

Girl just accept my plea

Yea, first come first serve

Be my number one, my intentions won't swerve (Hell nah)

I'm a cla**ic man and I know what you deserve