i trezbeats
cut it freestyle



Give us a rundown of people that you working with the new project and the people you plan on working with

[Big Mota:]

Man Im tryna man get into man you know the boy Shy Glizzy

[Shy Glizzy:] *laughs*

[Big Mota:]

We need 50 for this motherf**er,

n***a 50. n***a you should've did a song n***a! 50!

50! Cuz we asked you nicely to do a song

You said get the f** out your face!

[Shy Glizzy:] Young Jefe Holmes! These prices way to high

You need to cut it!

[Hook: Shy Glizzy]

Cut it

Cut it

Cut it

Cut it

Cut it

Cut it

Cut it

Cut it

Cut it

Cut it

Cut it

Cut it

Cut it

Cut it

Cut it

[Verse 1: Glizzy ]

They tried to bust a move when we was two deep

b**h I still got my groove

That sh** was too weak

Had to move to Memphis for a whole week

Choppers in that Sprinter

We ain't making no tweets

Boy how you want a feature?

Ain't go no cheese

I wasn't bout to let your fat a** come Debo me

Im just running through South Memphis with my OG

These rappers need to cut it

They ain't bout no beef

Do you know how it feel to get respect n***a?

Then n***as wanna do sh** cuz the next n***a

Oh you seen me on them blogs

You thought I got checked didn't you?

That ain't yo dog if he can't go hit the set with ya

Sorry Im not with the f**ing gimmicks

How you playing with a hitter for a f**ing image?

I know every DJ but this p**y Akademiks

Chain hit the floor and broke boys had a f**ing scrimmage

You say you a robber I'm saying

So why you ain't go at my bands

Glizzy Gang

We Taliban

A.k.a them boys who don't eat no ham

And plus he hop out the van

Spray you and two of your mans

I'm going to DR in the morning

My b**h got to go see her fam

These rappers, they not gonna ride

Security not on your side

They gotta know that ain't goin' slide

They gotta know that ain't goin' slide

You better keep one by your side

You better keep one by your side

I just gave the word to them guys

They shoot his a** right in his eye

We don't give a f** bout your set

We don't give a f** who you with

We don't give a f** what you bang

You real n***a

You f** with the gang

Oh yeah and I got the chain

But Im not wearing that sh**

I can't wear that sh** after lames

I told my j**elwer more carats and sh**

All the real n***as they know

All the b**hes still go

Ain't no one stopping the show

But you better stop doing shows

They say they wanted a 50

They must be talking to Mickey

A lot of this sh** smelling fishy

Them n***as can't come to my city

These n***as can't come to my city

Or n***as going to run into Glizzy

And all of them n***as who 50

They gonna run from the glizzies

See n***as get attacked in my city

We don't gotta act like we friendly

I make them racks in your city

And I'm coming back to your city

Somebody tell they a** they need to cut it

Why they acting like its something that it wasn't?

These n***as they just stunting out in public

Book me for another show and we goin' thug it

You want a verse my guy?

You need to cut it

You know these prices way too high

You need to cut it

Wait 'til you see my new piece

That b**h flooded

Rock that b**h everywhere

And I dare a n***a to touch it

[Outro: Dj Akademiks]