i trezbeats

[Intro: Drez (ITrez Beats)]

Let's get it

(ITrez made this sh**, n***a)

Yeah, uh

Blat, T-K-G

Uh, uh, uh, HUUH

Forever I remain

Haha, uh

Forever I remain

Top Krown Gang

[Verse 1: DeQuaye]

You know I keep it three hunna

I do this sh** like no other

I keep a steady look out

For my homies my brothers

I'm Writing bars all the time

I spit them out like muffler

It's ITrez on the beat

Shout out to the drummer

We go harder as sh**

Once I started you quit

We staying true to the squad

Started as little kids

I'm Tryna fit the big shoes

I'm just hoping they fit

I sit in bed every night

Praying to lord that Imma win

[Verse 2: Drez]

Building a dream of a dream that I started building

I'm k**ing these other rappers like nothing

I'm never with it

I'm winning like it was given to me

And all these millions say please

I say the illest reversing but never willing

No mercy on all these children

Rehearsing to always get it

You love me but f** your feelings

I'm hungry so I stay hunting

You sorry but no exceptions

I'll k** you, no hesitations

Young drez, they name they praising

I'm out like in a spaceship

[Verse 3: DeQuaye]

Its TKG for the gang

Its DeQuaye for my name

One step at a time

We taking over the game

We started and won no lose

We rising to the top for the fame

We only talk to real ballers

Don't give a f** about you lames

We don't like them at all

They just love us a lot

Drez and i got tracks

We stirring up in the pot

Semi Auto bang, boom

Hearing all of these shots

Major pain to the face

Gotta just love what I got, boy

[Verse 4: Drez]

As soon as we walk in the room they know we got b**h

We heading to the top on a full ride scholarship

I could fall off right now

And I'll still be crowned

Thats just something to show, these rappers don't pound

I used to trap out my house, but now these bands all around

It's all gold overdose

Top Krown thats the sound

[Verse 5: DeQuaye]

We don't love it alittle

We don't love it at all

We don't loving the game

Until the label pa** us the ball

[Outro: Drez]

And we gon ball til the day we fall