hollywood banger
whole lotta


Gotta whole lotta this

Gotta whole lotta that

Steady counting this money man, Gotta whole lotta racks

Gotta whole lotta act

Smoke whole lotta pack

All these girls up me cuz i whole lotta swagg

Money money money get a whole lotta that

My b**h bad wit a whole lotta a**

Money money money get a whole lotta that

Yea i leave the store wit a whole lotta bags

[Verse 1: AD]

Off this act no gin and juice

I be tweaking rolling up wit juice

Fly as f** check altitude

Shopping bags on avenues

Lowend n***a i won't change

Drank in my cup no kirko bangs

All these women wanna be my main

Ion wife thotties tryna get a lil fame

Riding foreign fresh and flee

Chashing this money no catching me

Keisha, Lisa, Ebony

All this b**hes be stressing me

Jacksons, Grants, and Franklins

My team real and they pretend

We turn up we get it in (2x)


[Verse 2: Erk G]

Met a stripper in the club she had a whole lotta a**

She clapping and clapping and clapping make me throw a whole lotta cash

I know these b**hes they on me cuz i gotta whole lotta swag

And i know these n***as they phony but we get a whole lotta that

Off a 4 of the act

Got some mo in the back

Where I'm from they don't come fake so I'm real as it gets

Im flyer than a jet

My car like a jet

And UFB we up now f** whoever up next