gp splash
play wif me sam smiths stay with me remake

(Verse 1)

Aww Gp Splash aww get em

Get em x 3 yea

Ma padi call me lastnite make we go igboro

We gather money take dey drink ororo

We just dey ball with some bad bad oloshos

Spending money like say we just hit the lotto

I get the OT im in love with the coco

One pretty shawty just dey drive me loco

Kush in my veins i just dey blow my choco

Make we dey go ma room dis girl dey tell me no no

(1st Chorus)

Play with me and i will

Play with you

And if you do me well

I might increase your bill


(Verse 2)

2 am we just dey reach ma premises

Ibi ni ma kusi dis one no be nemesis

Take your clothes off thats what i told her

Then she replied what did you say sir

I come dey para say make she no waste ma time

Dont be stingy girl o de shey normal

Gimme your wasteline call me your lawma

You can't imagine

Dis girl was a virg*n

(2nd Chorus)

Stay with me

Lemme love you right

You"re too good to be in the streets

So baby stay with me


Oh x 9

Yea you ain't gotta get drunk to have fun x2