gabe kubanda
across the room

Whoa oh oh, Whoa oh oh.

I saw your smile; saw your smile from across the room

Whoa oh oh, I know what I must do

I gotta find, gotta find a way to get through

I keep getting stopped by people

By all these friends that I dont really want to talk to

Past the tables and the dance floor I just

I just know that Ive got to get over to you. But Wait, Wait, can I get your number

Wait, Wait, at least let me give you my number Whoa oh oh, Whoa oh oh

I fought through the crowd now can I talk to you for a while

Whoa oh oh, I wanna know your name

But your girlfriends are lame and theyre cramping my style

It seems theyre intent on, extremely hell-bent on shaking my tree and they're trying hard to make me leave

So Ill just pretend, and Ill put up with them until I can get you alone and away from your friends

(yeah Im sure theyre a very nice bunch of girls) But Wait, Wait, Ive got to give you my number

Wait, Wait, I need need to give you my number Dont say you dont want it, just admit it

Dont think I wont call, Im not that type of guy at all,

Im not that guy at all

I know how the game is, I dont want to play it,

I know what I want, if Im wrong then Ill just leave you alone

But I dont think Im wrong

Dont say you dont want it, just admit it,

Dont say youre scared cause thats not it at all

Please baby dont be afraid, Im just pulling out my iPhone