fury in the slaughterhouse
friendly fire

We've got a brand new game with an age old name

Called birds and bees it's always been the same

Since the world began

I know i play with fire and you're gasoline

I'm your fool and you're my queen

The on that i admire

Well we've reached the top and don't look back

You took my heart and broke my neck

Ooh how i desire

To die in your friendly fire

Well i want you girl and that's all i want

I'll be the blitzkrieg tank at your bedroom front

And i'll roll over your landmines

In your little jungle i'll be the snake

Throwing the apples dive in your lake

And i'll drink it dry

Well we've reached the point of no return

We started a fire that will always burn

Oooh how i desire

To die in your friendly fire