full scale
system of shame

Failing under the weight (C'mon)

You've got the pain in a system whose shame

Is that they built the game so that you can't win

Fanning the flame but the sentence remains

because they built the game so that you can't win.

Sticking a vein and it's taming your brain

Now you know it's a game that you can't win.

You made the grade with your parents betrayed

Now you're running that game

(what a feeling)

You've been brought here for your knowledge

Not your good intentions

You've been brought here for your knowledge

Come get some

You. It's just your style

You. Does it hurt to smile?

Don't crack, don't give in don't let the money makers win

cos everybody everywhere can get that human feeling.

Just a touch say's as much let it be your crutch, and terrorise

your eyes and your minds with the television.

Come Get Some

All you want is my sympathy.

All I want is to make you bleed.

Why can't you be just one

It's all this arsehole needs

Why can't you just be the same

This system. It's defines you

By the air you breath

By the trust you break

This system. It's designs you

How you sow your seed

How you bend to take

We live in a society.

Not in an economy.

You've just got to trust in me, I'm all you need,

I am the air you breath just in out in and then you're filled with me

I'm sending billboards to space, There's nothing I won't do

to sell my sh** right on to you.