eric martinez
othello thug notes


Yo, what it is? This week haters gonna hate with Othello by William Shakespeare. One day soulja boy Iago kickin it with some fool named Roderigo when Roddy all like “Say Iago, why didn't you tell me my girl Desdemona gone and married Othello? You know I've been tryin to hit that.” Iago say “Man f*** Othello. He gave a bump to dat scrub Ca**io when it should be me climbin the ranks. Plus, I'm ‘spectin Othello been freakin on my woman. So fool best watch hisself cuz I'm comin fo him.” Revenge, s**a!

When word come to Dessy's pappi, he get all up in Othello's bidness and say “B**** did yo black-a** cast a spell on my daughter?” Othello like “Naw, blood. Ever since I told her bout all the s*** I've seen, she been ALL up on this.” Desdemona come in and sets daddy straight, and joins Othello and his homies to wreck that Turkish army that be rollin up on Cyprus. Up in Cyprus, Iago tricks Othello's number 2 man Ca**io into throwin back a lil too much drank. When Othello see C-dawg actin a fool, he gives him the boot. But Iago ain't done messin. He tell Ca**io “Say bruh, you should hit up Desdemona and axe if she can get Othello to smoothe things over.” But on the real, Iago playin dirty.

He tell Othello he best watch his b**** cuz she might be gettin down with Ca**io. Othello ain't buyin it at first, but when Iago plants one of Desdemona's hankerchiefs in Ca**io's crib, brutha start wonderin. And Othello get all turnt up when he sees Ca**io goin on about some woman he playin, cuz Iago make Othello think C-money talkin dirty bout Desdemona. After dat, Othello say “Man I'm gonna ICE that B****. Iago, if you my man, you'll merc Ca**io.” Not wanting to get his hands dirty, Iago convinces Roderigo to k** Ca**io.

Even though s*** goes sideways, Iago still comes out on top. Roderigo can't snitch since Iago put his a** six feet deep, and Ca**io got a gnarly cut. Later, Othello rolls up on his woman, and straight chokes a b**** to d**h. When Iago's biddy Emilia comes in, she like “WHAT THE F***, OTHELLO?” Othello tell her what's up, and Emilia immediately calls Iago out, sayin he been lying his a** off. Iago like “b**** shut up!” And ENDS her. Man, what is this? The NFL? Knowin he got played, Othello stabs Iago and then ices himself before the po-po can put him away fo good.


Ain't no doubt dat fool Iago does some dirty s*** up in this play. But as bad as he is, you can't deny that brutha do his own thang -- and with style.

Quote from play: “In following him I follow myself. / Heaven is my judge not I for love and duty, / But seeming so for my peculiar end. / For when my outward action doth demonstrate / The native act and figure of my heart / In compliment extern ‘tis not long after / But I will wear my heart upon my sleeve / For daws to peck at. I am not what I am” (Act 1, scene 1, lines 59-65).

Now if you bust open yo copy of Exodus and slide you b****-a** to 3:14, you'll see dat fool God saying something similar: “I am what I am.” Like the big G-man, Iago pullin all the strings up in this heezy. But also, it's like Iago dun flipped dem holy words words on they a**. Cuz Iago take good things, flips em around, and makes em evil. In fact, that's how he stir up dat beef between Dezzy and Othello.

Quote from play: “And by how much she strives to do [Ca**io] good / She shall undo her credit with the Moor. / So will I turn her virtue into pitch, / And out of her own goodness make the net / That shall enmesh them all” (Act 2, scene 3, lines 324-336).

Now y'all playas know Willy S never play it straight, and he's always blurrin dat line between good and bad. When Roderigo start goin off bout virtue, Iago all like:

Quote from the play: “Virtue? A fig! ‘Tis in ourselves that we are thus or thus. Our bodies are our gardens, to the which our wills are gardeners” (Act 1, scene 3, lines 316-17).