eric marlow
all we do

[Verse 1: Easy Bake]

She ain't wearing pants while I watch her dance

I make it rain and I'm throwing bands

We gotta stay faded to stay motivated

Always k** the tracks that Cona created

I'm in the black whip getting road head

She's begging me to get to the bed

I made 100 stacks, she roll em fat

Before we light it up, I k**ed your a**

My wallets stacked with green

Your girl's stuck on me

She says she like my style

I rock the Nike Free's

I got a bad b**h that I came with

I got another b**h that I'm playing with

I got another b**h that you can't get

I got a hard dick that she's playing with

[Hook: All]

All we do is steal your girl

All we do is steal your girl

All we do is steal your girl

All we do is steal your girl

[Verse 2: Cona]

Up in the club, I'm stepping out with a few women

Library of hoes the way I check out b**hes

Hoes begging me please while you're begging for digits

Hoes get on their knees, about as tall as midgets

Get the p**y wet, dive in, I love swimmin'

Her legs wide open, I'm in it deep sea fishin'

Eat the p**y like I'm Chinese, I love kitten

Hope your ears are open, don't miss this sh** I'm spittin'

I'll leave you wishin' that your flow was as ill as mine

I'm shining bright, cover your eyes or I'll leave you blind

Intellectual boy, she wants to swim in my mind

I tell her "no thanks, sorry girl I don't have the time

To rewind," kids idolize the way I'm spitting these rhymes

I work hard, never slack, I gotta stay on my grind

You can catch me in the booth writing verses blowing kind

My b**h gives great head man she's blowing my mind


[Verse 3: Anchor Jake]

Got a dirty b**h, got a dirty sprite, she's a super freak and she's super tight

She don't get tired, she'll go all night, do another line under the moonlight

s** my dick while I roll this zone in my 6 point billion dollar home

She likes dope, always down to smoke, never turns down coke, right as I poke

Her eyes out, but not with my dick, never scared to spare some clips

Gun clips, money clips, you know Cona, he never slips

He goes hard, he's a rottweiler in a junkyard

You're an old car and he's tearing at your spare tire

She says she wants it everywhere I said "baby you can have it"

She took me in the coat closet said "baby can I jack it?"

Steal your girl, but we roll that green, In the back your girl pour that lean

She pours it up, I'm going down, eating out, downtown

Getting head while the engines running

Getting head and I'm feeling so blunted

Did I get too high? Wait, did I drive on the highway?

Getting head while I hit that gas

Engine rev so I smack that a**

I pull out another blunt, so I can hit the gas

Hit the gas with 2 gats, that's why I wear Atomic Cat's

We ride hard, we spend cash, we blow green, we die fast

2 b**hes around me, it's loud, but it's sounding

Like tonight there will be some air that is cloudy

Cloudy skies, smoke plumes, maybe I'll just die soon

Or maybe I'll just catch a flight and be up in the clouds soon

Maybe I'll just touch the moon, never made it to a limit

I predict and early doom, counting down to the minute