veins runaway remix

Verse 1:

Well, I guess it's up and at 'em

Hocking a phglem only about you madam

Taking a break, from all the harsh melodies

Now I can act like I care about what your telling me

But you call me the enemy, and slap me with the felony

Truth is all I really want is your felidae

Endlessly is the ecstasy, reality will be the d**h of me

Your mind is the dirt, let my lyrics plant the seed

I'll try to find my true identity

And not to reflect the message your sending me


Verse 2:

I've learned to love myself and say f** whatever they say

Without you I've shown to be better then just okay

If you crawl back, I'll only say neigh to a stay

The journey up this interstate, a cold one, The Bering Strait

Shall I vacate upstate, maybe hop a freight and then change into new liscence plates

With the heartrate abate and knowing your plans are negate

I know what's really our fate

No more forever like sideways figure 8s


Verse 3:

I speak the language of love but you need google translate

Your dead to me baby, with infant mortality rate

Forgetting you faster than Hitler denied at the pearly gates

You k**ed mocking birds, it's Heck Tate

You f**ing mistake

And a life no sweeter, then a suite filled with sugar

This girl, shes such a doll but ain't no action can figure her out, now tell me what really loves about

Its time I forfeit, and leave like dying orchids

With Instagram its perfect, paint a pretty portrait

Look at you, you're starring on my own debut Ca**ette

Out of all the mad things in life it's you I regret

Won by a hair, it's f**ing Gillet

Intolorent to milk the truth, stomach upset

Love is war, we are all only one cadet

Take a bone for the chances, make her fetch

All shook up with one mistake, it's EcheSketch

Through these bars I spit, flow like her wrist is split

To Paris with love, it's 007 but we broke our bond

Till it, donned on me

Caught a similar girl in the downbeat

Hurricane love, exciting then the debris

Why's it that what we seek, is a f**ing disease

Then when we think it's complete but the cycle repeats

Thats why I drive, straight to the Herb tree

Maybe I'll find someone that will never ever hurt me


Verse 4:

For now I'll keep fighting on my own, alone

It's that Sylvester Stallone

Through love everyone becomes poets

But really my chances are less than finding Amelia in the ocean

Mixing drinks to create a sleep potion, maybe love potion

Since then it's been f** you, I let you play your f**ing card

With that explosive gateway drug, smoking the Petard

Altogether with all my n***as in Goonsquad

'Till next time, Peace