heat d**h of the universe

Come back to bed

Tell me the story of how it all ends

I'm curious to wait and see

What you can make of the things that we're blind to

I'm not the first to know

But surely there's not an ending

Where feeling so alone is

All that is left that's keeping me alive

Well, I've been wrong before

So many times before

Vacant stares holding me up

Ambitions stand idle from a lack of wings

Wasting away

There's nothing for us

We've all been dying along with our stars

They're used up

So now we serve the spiral that awaits us

I'm not the first to go

Maybe I'll be the last one

To see the stars exploding

And hope that one day I'll see you again

Well, I've been wrong

So many times before

Darling they're sending me up

And you'll be dead, save for the memories

That keep me awake

I'm limbless and alone

With sensors in place of feeling

Relinquished all control

To serve out my days

And watch the system die

Well, I've been wrong

So many times before

Is someone there, searching for us?

The data was clear from the beginning;

It's all moving away from us

Redshifted; come back to us

We need you here; a home for humanity

But you keep moving away from us

They told me that hope was enough

The stars are dead

But harnessed vacuum energy

Keeps me awake