e farrell
madflex vs e farrell

[Round 1: E. Farrell]

I said yo

Apologies to all my fans who been expecting a hit

I had some real life issues come up to be dealt with a bit

Then I dropped twenty pounds, to pretend I was sick

Asked for Mook, and hoped no one would remember this sh**

This gon' be different, Flex, I hope you warned your team

A sad look, and I put that on everything; that's the Jordan meme

I came out west to say some sh** that's sort of mean

So you gon' get k**ed at home by a dickhead, like that Clockwork Orange scene

See, I already love this city, more than facts

My bro Daylyt showed me all the best spots to get restraining orders at

I said, “It's cool, you ain't gon' do me no harm

A ‘roid rage the only time you'll see a mad flex shooting them arms."

But f** the jokes

Just keep a distance when we rapping

Cause I paid some cholos off that'll split you into fractions

Think ticket sales, cause if you f** wit me, this a k**ing

Give me limited space, and you gon' get a buck fifty in the building

They like, “E, that's how you punchin'? It's too soon.”


This sh** I bottles up's a trip, like huffing on poop fumes

Plus a bar from MadFlex that's more than nice is sort of like an orange slice

(Why's that?)

You getting it once in a Blue Moon

I give a f** what this douche bag fool packages

Your crew's faggots, a fruit salad, it's too saddening

And if your dudes acting true savages

I'll Facebook spam you a few battles and

Have you scared to remove tags like new mattresses

Look, it don't matter if y'all with the sh** Flex brought

As far as a Fresh Coast fit, you're equivalent to wet socks

You probably spent this week sitting at your desktop

Trying to get hype while giving yourself pep talks and listening to Plex Rock

Meanwhile, I been whipping up a fresh pot

The way I'll son you's different; I ain't kidding, I'm your step-pops

Like midgets serving top shelf liquor how you'll get stopped

Cause the bar's been set so high that you can't even hit me with your best shot

So, I don't want to hear no sh** that end with “Eazy-E”

You got to go crazy; thinking out your right mind's your only chance of seeing me

And yo, that sh** was f**ing nice

I'm breaking down your thought process

Cause the right side of your brain's what makes a vision come to life

And you could Ask Jeeves if you ain't ever known

The sh** I bring smarter,King Arthur: if you got a point to set in stone

Get taken out, I'm nicer wit the quotes

It ain't an issue to get Mad shelved when everything he's writing is a joke

I could've said “magazines”, like clips that jam

Since I'm known to pop punks but got a Simple Plan

To have you looking stupid over nothing/nutting quicker than a minute man

You just gon' stand there and give me the win (wind), cause you my biggest fan

Yo, round one, we ain't gotta discuss it

I swear that was my lightest sh**

Well, actually, it probably wasn't

[Round 1: Madflex]

Shouts to the vets ducking that battle with Flex

Real Deal said financially it has to make sense

But he might shut that sh** down in your cla** if you're ten

I know, you making big moves, Trevor; we won't ask you again

Hey, f** him

I picked a writer that I had to respect

And brought him out to the West

That's not true. I have to confess:

I came to see if a virgin could have a dad bod, and the answer is yes

The man ain't a threat

Like I'd have a hot battle with a dude who'd eat a condom full of h**n, and then not travel

Look at you

You still booking through false bravado and I wasn't asking Avo' to talk to Hollow

But every time I hit up G's it was followed by silence, it was not staccato

They don't get it

Weak today, hot tomorrow

Most of what I spit go over heads, I'm Triple H with that water bottle, so try to follow

But we building a cla**ic like...

Nah, f** that, you sound better when you absent

Get cracked and do the math, then flush it down the toilet

It's no portable The Saurus girl, I came to put this whole card on the canvas

Boy, you ‘bout to get your a** kicked

Get ravaged; one jab clip

Turn him around quicker than walking by a bad chick

You don't have sh**

Nah, f** you; you see low green (Cee-Lo Green)

He'll catch the first 48 from my last three 16's

Add it up, you wack as f**

You need to give me more space than some JNCO jeans

You ain't been k**ing sh** like I've been

Women's bathroom, go ahead and freshen up, f** how hot the line is

Tread light, and get a grip though; you been out of alignment

I follow E.F with that G check, I ain't alphabetizing

This is second nature

You always got some mark down watch like a jealous neighbor

But the cliche suits you, that's the yellow ranger

Don't get in danger

Keep pitching these b**hes that less is greater

And watch him hit the floor so many times, now you an a**hole on an elevator

And I wrote that before Money Bagz; he no showed, to Hell with haters

I still miss Caddy

Show up like Will Smith cabbie

Eyeball that Fresh plate, everyone in yo' home smell you later

I'm nice

Thank you

I need that rack, ‘cause, that's your cue to break out

Cause you ain't solid enough for stripes

f** your life, I struck the light under the butane for him

Veruca Salt round, dude can fall down with these goose eggs on him

You ain't near my level, pipe down, but you ain't warping

No arrogant talk back, from the best Eric in Talkback

Ah, Farrell(feral)

That's a starved cat. Man, you ain't Foreman

If these words hit a nerve, it ain't a toothache forming

This is not a drill, lets get back to the root. Wait for it

Dolla dolla bill: I'm back building with my face forward

Cause a dollar bill got a building on the back and a face forward

You like that?

The lesson of the day going, don't show up to the game if you ain't scoring

Man, I keep hearing E pushing keys

I mean, maybe, do you play organ?

Like, what, you got “haymakers for neighsayers”?

If you train horses

You pay for it, I corpse him with a Liu Kang horse kick

f** around and it won't matter if the shoe game horrid

I boot his lip, the 12 wings turn to the Flu Game Jordans

What up, Spice Rack?

Nah, me and you, the pay grade ain't the same rate

Book club: I just got to make sure we on the same page

Cause all your punches hit, but they whip before they nae nae

Start butting in, I could start button him, and save this played game

Believe me, uh(bulimia), I put a lot of time into this straight waste

I didn't want to work this out in my house

But I'd look so f**ed up if I skipped you; this is Leg Day

Good luck man, don't get your sh** kicked off of the main page

[Round Two: E. Farrell]

I took this match up cause you got a fire pen

I mean, to me your writing's number one, on a scale of f**ing five to ten

They say you like a white Pa**wurdz with the style, when

You more like an incorrect pa**word, check your caps lock and try again

It's tiring how you cramming your rhymes

A flight delay when you write that way, cause sh** ain't landing on time

We see you ramble on lines

And try n meet today(2-day)'s standard with a rushed delivery like Amazon prime

I know your flow's the core of how you open doors

But when these leagues got you feeling you under pressure

Kinda like the ocean floor

You need to punch with conviction, focus more

Cause when you choose to speak it's a nudist beach

You nowhere(no wear) close to sure(shore)

You ain't suited up to play here, I'm better

Plus, you did your last three match ups in this format, and that ain't very clever

You should learn to change gears whenever

Cause the point of going Back to Basics isn't just to f**ing stay here forever

That's why you should shut your mouth

I got a punch for every Cali match you had, no one gave a f** about

So those that ducked you probably got a point

Why test Flex(-)ability in this(dis-)location

When he proved that he can't get it popping in the joint?

And I hope you thought that sh** was soft

I wrote a flex ability bar just cause I know how much they piss you off

See, disrespect's what I'm ‘bout

I once battled Cortez and choked the whole time

Just so the footage wouldn't ever come out

I'm different

See, Flex cool, but I was best left off alone

And since this corn rose(rows) to the occasion

If he get it twisted here(hair), I'll knot his dome

I'll tell him, “Watch how you talking, homes,”

Cause dog'll get a two-piece in his mouth

Like the sunscreen bottle if he cop a tone(Coppertone)

Life's a beach; I'll catch you trying to kick up your feet in sand

And pull up in the Jeep wit some big sh** to sweep the land

Even if you bring the pigs, I'ma get to meet(meat) with cans, like eating spam

Sock a(soccer) b**h and let it kick over green; that's Mia Hamm

I know because we seasoned fans, it seems we fam

I'll tell you that I need a hand, then have you flying from a hook, you Peter Pan

We should at least had planned to put up each a grand

Cause I ain't got to post my Don't Flop battles in Talkback to see a band(banned)

At this point, k**ing all y'all is too necessary


I'm getting paper for the principle(principal): school secretary

Charge a rack for a mixtape feature

You should probably take notes from the kid like a fifth grade teacher

If anyone who think I'm Stephen Curry getting thirty'd by Flex

Is talking crazy out the a**, Eddie Murphy in Shrek

Round two, I ain't came for cla**ic

I put Brian in a box

Like a guy whose name was Brian died and eventually was placed in a casket

[Round 2: Madflex]

Putting this cub scout on the thug route, was whose decision?

Was it you? Come get him

I'll wait, I'm used to chilling

Like... Any bark, 'n' E. (N.E.) heart break, that's New Edition

Your moms mastered the science of f**ed up genes(jeans): that's True Religion

Schemes: but I don't buy it, he lose commission

Get through the mission

I know Bad Dudes; you know Shaq Fu, we moving different

Tell Avo this sh** is Roscoe's; I'm through with chicken

He spent his life as a proven victim, ya'll knew the symptoms

And y'all react to his fake a** punches? f** ya'll, two for flinching

I'm too efficient

Look, do I choke? No, you get bars 'til you stop: I use submissions

I got goons to kick in

And, pop, put money under a pillow, you'd think a tooth is missing

Boom, hit him

Mix the jab-cross with the shoe position

'til that hook follow a tackle, and I ain't tuna fishing

I'd supply some good advice if you would listen

They just got to add a little paper to cook E(cookie); that's Confucianism

At this point, I'm just fooling with him

Call up Dot and let that "um Berretta" open up in his house

Like, "We ain't worried ‘bout superstition."

Eric, I f** with you…

Youtube ‘ll get it

I f** with you, but you a mild substitute, a euphemism

I got charm 'n (Charmin) wipe my a** with fabrications you have written

Truth to fiction: Spice Rack, go hold down the herbs

But I'm known round the world

And you known ‘cause Bangz louder than a comb down with a curl

He say he pop Molly? He will throw down with a girl

And you can pick up the pieces

Tell this chump I want some background funk: we playing Toejam and Earl

Look at me, dork

The hands come out for a broken man down, it ain't the peace corps

You leave, or get hammered in a trunk, now you a tree fort

What the f** you want it with me for?

When you looking as uncomfortable as you without a keyboard

And hella squares on his side like Nike Elite shorts?

I got messages for squares, so, grab a Post-it

It's just a little light when you snap; that's a glow stick

Who you roll with?

What? Ya'll break my shell for the cream like crab chowder?

That coward couldn't break news if he was Matt Lauer

Flex: rap game Jack Bauer

No Chilla Jones sh**, like "tear a wrist when Mad counters”

It just takes a week to learn what I've done in the past hour

Keep the soda

Teach him yoga; dog posing flat downward

You'd get caught if you got into dirt, that's warning track power


There ain't no reason to score this match

Just upload the sh** to YouTube with a corpse attached

I'm so beyond, I mean, you know me; Obi Wan

Cause I can force the hand

I'm through with this moving through duplicates, ‘cause this ain't Orphan Black

And I ain't holding back without a torture rack

A single punch ravage through his body and transform a cat

And Ravage a Transformer cat, so when I say transformer: facts

But if I spoke like you, it's "fayacts"

But when I say transformer, facts

Cause first it meets the eye, then you get more than that

Motherf**er, now you die, and I'd bet one or two lives

That you ride with a bank account balance that f**ing matches your shoe size

In summary, Eric, your mama should've got her tubes tied

f** you, guy

[Round 3: E. Farrell]

I got a story that might just make your day

(It might not, either.)

One time I faced a J, then hit the club to sip some Tanqueray

I threw my balls at your bae(bay) like the A's came to play

She didn't didn't shut my game down; just covered all bases, that's a rain delay

Translation, homie: I got drunk as sh** and f**ed your b**h

I'm kidding, I just got drunk as sh** and let her s** my dick

She even topped the whole squad off cause she likes the whips we drive

Before she left, everyone was blew(Blue): Eifell 65

f** your life

That's some sh** I'm hating on

Cause to me, son ain't really that bright, out here trying to break a don(of dawn)

Its like as a baby, you was dropped by your crazy mom

And your head had taken more hits than my favorite bong

But you don't smoke pot, that got me really surprised;

This whole venue's stoned, bro, even the ceiling is high

Real rap, I bet you're prolly mad at weed

And think that being a pothead

Will surround you with more fruits than f**ing Johnny Appleseed

See, getting f**ed up's just something Flex don't need to write raps

Pull a joint out, he gon' look at you like Jesus Christ's back

Go to spark it, he's like, "Please don't light that,”

Then he just might snap and k** the buzz like a Venus flytrap

But try that here, I ain't gon' be the one that's laughing;

Out of nowhere, I'ma get it shaking with Flex: muscle spasm

If I throw a left fist or right at homes, his nose ‘ll break

Then he gon' feel right at home with a red bridge like the Golden Gate

f** stretching em wit a Ruger

I'ma take you to school, and then teach you a lesson like I'm your tutor

Like how Avocado booked this and CT's 3 hours ahead:

I'll be talking to a vegetable in the future

Yeah, so you gon' lay with your frame broke

I got a gun that spit so crazy, sh** came with a raincoat

And when I pop it at your face and your brain smoke

Your third eye could open up, but you ain't gonna stay woke

I ain't trying to have Flex offended, just flex my pen

Cause I got less than 10 bars 'til we back to being friends again

It's just sad I had to f** up your movement

Never should've got Mad in the first place, like I jumped to conclusions

They say my drive been watered down; that's a car pool

But I think I still spit solid; that's hard drool

If they said you heating up, it's just ‘cause you aren't cool

Plus, all your punchlines are sh**: you have bar stools


I got bigger fish to fry, and Brian ain't an obstacle

Now I got to stick with jokes like I ate a Popsicle

Plus, that MadFlex name is comical

Cause you getting straight bodied, while I'm bending over backwards

Just to make it possible

I said I cared about this, I probably lied

I just wanted free tickets to see Carter Deems live

And that's still on the bucket list

That's all for now folks

If MadFlex ain't at World Dom I'll be f**ing pissed


[Round 3: Madflex]

I don't want to be mean to you for another round, Eric. It's gonna go bad

You came out here looking like the product of some one night

Stand with Absyrd-

No, you don't understand, it gets worse

You came out here looking like the product of some one night stand with Absyrd

Did the f**ing fusion dance with a Amber Alert

That still ain't better than a no show

I start attacking E 'til plasma streaming from his head; wanna Go Pro

Then you curl up, and I leave on a high note like Soul Glo

Frodo, this charity

I mean, it may be deductible

These motherf**ers paid you in Lunchables

Don't talk about money, if he do, don't trust this fool

Lactose intolerance, cause you just got a little cream and it makes me uncomfortable

Bump knuckles, we'd catch a case like f**ing bellboys

If you flex an arm connect, it is a frontal deltoid

You got more goons in JeFF's Mustang than the one that fell Troy?

Cool, the whip next to the ratchet, sh**, I'm Uncle Elroy

You hear that?

Get used to those

It just happens when a true man show versus the Truman show

Here's some sh** that some of ya'll hoopers know

He missed his shot, but he goes down no matter how you spin it

What's that? Shooter's roll

You a troll

You got "da feet" bars. I'd never use one though

Cause I don't f** around with da feet, boy, I'm in cruise control, the usual

The 50 Super Bowl dumped roman numerals

A.K.A. Take this L, you played yourself

It's "let's work" 'til the network make a joke disappear, this one here Dave Chappelle

Well, you a little more Velma, Shaggy, Brennan Da**ey

I'm an athlete

And Clark Kent came out the booth like, "I thought I was half geek."

Half the room knows, Dan Larusso with the bad knee

Is the only time in his life that he's seen somebody clap heat

Now, I can't tell if you animated or anime, kid, your style is mad cheeks

20 battles, I still ain't heard you to rap, E

Get the picture; I tag E

Collapsing back teeth all hit the damn street

He pick it up, pick it up, pick it up; that's Black Sheep

I'm nasty

Fix the crib for your girl like Nick and Gatsby

Then your Boo ain't never leaving the house; it's Mr. Radley

High school education bars

You ain't a star, Farrell, f** rap

Your whole stack fit into a mason jar

I lay a beat down until E sound like ba** guitar

You a shooter? No. You get Happy to play for par

And you pay a goon or two to root for you cause you can't raise the bar


Nah, the care package void

Get drilled for real, a southpaw to scare Pastor Troy

You lack the poise

I mean, you something that these squares can enjoy

But you fronting in the hood so hard the airbag deploy

You terrible

I throw my fist in just to fish from the bottom barrel?

This bull come to a close(clothes) like the Rock's apparel

I am not comparable

You keep ignoring the cost

You horrible, boss

I'll k** him, why you calling (Colin) Farrell?

This a waste of movement

‘cause you mixing in more fake drums than eighties music

And I start to feel a hatred brewing

I mean, it's Eas(z)y, E, and for the Record, it may be Ruthless

But you not my cup of tea cause the tables turned, that's a lazy Susan

I hate these new kids

They ain't proven, and they ain't seen shooting

I got a gun in the safe with the safety safely rooted

And I did not bring the sh**, I ain't gon' use it

Look at him

You don't let the tech blast, I don't stress that

True to form, Human Torch:, you (poof) hold your fire when you get mad

You get that?

Nah, Flex- that jabroni is Dellavedova to Kobe

Puttin' Goldberg the wrestler vers' Goldberg the goalie

Dethrone me?

Hoe, please, your whole steez is dopefiend

I'm so deep in the game even the old me was an O.G

White man flash (slap), red hand, don't crosswalk no streets

Me and E trade, my stock too high; those seats come with nosebleeds

I'm testing switchblades on resting b**h face

You the homie

You the first person I'll tell when I tell ‘em that I got 0-3ed

Eric I got 0-3ed

Organik, if I'm not on World Dom than you can blow...