calvin valentine
tell it like it is


Otis Redding: Hi this is the big O. Otis Redding. I was just standing here, thinking about you, thought I'd write a song about you and dedicate it, to you

[Verse 1]

Illmaculate: See me fail that's the day of the freezing hell

The forecasts brainstorms, rain sleet and hail

The speeding snail feeling sluggish so it leaves a trail

That follows breadcrumbs home to where its demon's dwell

Different person, introverted never leave the shell

I'll script a verse then misinterpret what I mean as well

Dirt and grime beneath the nails, peep what the sheets unveil

Fingertips gliding goosebumps like i'm reading braille

Drive her crazy till the radiator starts leaking

Tank gone empty trying say she out of dark demons

Leave my mark, mosaics paint a harsh ceiling

Sistine chapel tags space invader art piece

Drink the p**y like car-needers and if i'm deep

From the top of the arc like R-vetas some karmas b**h Screaming at me like you want even wanna ask questions

I wanna be a millionaire but you aren't regis, now she wanna play the martyr but you aren't Jesus

Far as leaving i'm just looking for my car keys and

Forgetting where i parked even please forgive me short fuse been a long evening

[Verse 2]

While I, watch the frost through the fog of a lit stogy

Piss cloudy, fifth on me i sip slowly

If you coming from my slice better kim-bowl me

Show love to those that care enough to insult me

If these walls could talk, they would too much like all of y'all

All too common huh, another reason that I'm isolated

I'm wide awake, ain't asleep and are hybernating, they not enough

Got some column they talk alot and they're not involved

Not a boss, nah; not even on their job

I seen crews rise and fall, I evolve

Turn downs to ups, now the sky is ours

They learn to love spiteful

Why I'm unlike 'em

Roam by 'em, ahead of 'em by a sun cycle

While they marketing chums like you I'm bumping ozzes, untilted sparking the blunt cocking to pump rifle

Clip heavy, re-establish I spit daily

He's a savage of G status, in mid 20s

Yall ain't monsters you big teddies against Freddie

I spit fire, piss Henny and sh** Benjy's

So if its petty and you want my 2 pennies you won't get any, I been steady

Your big homies are big on me