cain la lo brothercub
what we gangstas do

[Verse 1: Cain La Lo]

Welcome to the gangstas b**h

Of the JMR of the wankstas b**h

Keep on eyeballing

Then you'll just ask for it b**h

We are the gangstas a**a**ins b**h

Who don't take no sh**

Go ahead and fight me

Cause I'll pull out my gun

And you'll just make me flipped

You a**holes

My whole body is f**ing ripped

Look at all the muscles

And my heavy machinery

I am not nice

When you f**ers are mean to me

You better think twice

Of who I will bring with me

We all got this in the bag

It's time to bring the king in of me

f**ers I've been doing this

For f**ing 19 years

So I don't even have any fear

About you cocky little a**hole pricks

That should just get f**ing cleared

[Verse 2: Brothercub]

Yeah man

Listen to me

And what I'm about to say

About packing all my pricey guns

Just to make you pay

They covered all over my bed

That's where I put them

To get ready to blow their heads

How was that

When you won't be cocky anymore

Cause you'll be dead

Go ahead and fire at me

When you don't try to admire me

Don't you see that I don't f**ing care

When you get tired of me

So go ahead and fire at me

Me and Jib are twins

But I came out after him

Yes I'm a little younger

But I'm more dangerous than him

That's why it's seems my raps are sicker than him

He doesn't mind who's better

That's why we get along

He just knows he can fight

And that all that matters

It makes less arguing

And get the job done

We are not judgy on anyone in the gang

They just have to fight good

That's how they make the hood

Never give up

It what makes us to stay moving

A lot of dead bodies

That we make

And we're so loathing

Keep on finding other gangstas who's a threat

Keep on shooting

[Verse 3: Cain La Lo]

Ha bang, bang

Keep it up

With the slang, slang

Cause I know I can, can

After we accomplish on what we achieve

We celebrate gathering

And smoke weed

And other bad sh** that we need

To make us succeed

Cops are also after us

We're the most wanted

Never knew we are so popular

To ever be wanted

Why not just blow those motherf**ers

What we've been taught

It doesn't matter of all the attention we have

That makes us get caught

Cause we can fight back b**h

When we get are guns cocked

[Verse 4: Brothercub]

Come on Cain hop in

Let's get our masks on

And let's start stalking

Just waiting from a distance to make a move

And start plotting

On how we can sneak up on them

And start to block in

[Verse 5: Cain La Lo]

Hell yeah homie

What else are you planning

We should make you be the one to be the leader

Cause you know how to do this

To hang them

Let's go to the next objective

And do the same thing

We are on a roll we just can't stop

Come on Brothercub

Who else should we stop

[Bridge: Brothercub]

I got a map

To know where 'em at

Keep driving

And I'll tell if we're close

And when we are arriving

Nope don't see anyone keep on going

Almost there

It should be a house to the left

With a bunch of cars

[Verse 6: Brothercub]

Easy to spot

Cause they are having a party

Can't wait to crash it

And k** them all with my Tar

Steal all their sh** after

And bring everything to our safehouse

So we can bring some things back

For the rest of us

And everyone will be happy

And they will arouse

[Verse 7: Cain La Lo & Brothercub]

Awesome excellent idea

Oh look there it is

Let's go out to start trouble

And get ready to turn their a**es to rubble

Guns are ready and full on ammo

It's time to barge in

And fire like motherf**ers

And do the samo

Once thy're dead

Let's tag the walls

With our spray cans

And be more known

And cause more fans

Who wants us dead

And get more blamed

There last shot they're dead now tag

And get more fame

Now let's get the f** out

Before anyone notice

Hop in the car

And get back to our gang

And gain a bonus

And let Jmoney start smoking

Cause all we are, are stoners

(What about The Jibster

He always wants to be sober)

Yeah so

He still doesn't mind being around us

Even if we're dopers

You should know this

When he was fourteen

He was around that crap

Cause he use to hang with his brother

And his friends

So he's use to us when we smoke that

(Oh right my bad I just forgot that

Maybe he can be useful and go and fetch some

Cause he won't be that notice

Cause he's not high

And won't act dumb)

[Verse 8: Brothercub]

Well this is perfect

I love this verdict

I can't wait to get out and k**

I always like to murder it

With all these gangsta fights

And gangstas sh**

[Verse 9: Cain La Lo]

Yeah but now it's time to sit and relax

We did a lot when we smash

Going to count all my cash

Everyone let's just chill

And have a hang out time

So let's all have a blast